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Ivan Hovorun brings his distinctive imagination, creativity and innovation to the conception of his performance programmes.


Mr Hovorun’s performances are sometimes described as more explicatory than demonstrative, his musical performance being plentifully complemented with words - talking rather than merely showing. This arises from a commitment to creating a communication and rapport with the audience, to enlighten and educate as well as to entertain. It is a rich and complex synthesis of Ivan Hovorun’s knowledge, experience and interpretation, presented through the medium of his own consummate musicianship.


It is characteristic of Mr Hovorun’s marked individuality that he aims to design concert programmes not only by composer, as so often seen, but according to an intelligent synthesis of genres and themes. This musical apposition leads the audience into a process of comparison, thought and analysis through the format of the programme, and invites the hearer to encounter the music alive to the questions ‘what?’, ‘when?’ and ‘why?’.


Examples of Mr Hovorun’s distinguished performance programmes are shown below: many other fascinating and exciting programmes can be created for venues by special arrangement.

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