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A message to patrons and supporters

From the Ancient World until the present day, patronage and support have been essential to the history of the arts. The performing arts, and music in particular, have always benefitted enormously from having the practical support of those people who wish to see them grow, develop and flourish.

Many prominent and famous musicians would have been unable to perfect their art without the generous benefaction of their patrons and donors.

Today, even more than in previous centuries, musical projects can be costly to progress, particularly if they are to be done to the highest standard. Recording projects, studio and location time, travel, promotions and publicity often take longer and cost more than might be expected, and it frequently falls to the musician to bear those costs.

There are many ways in which you can support the musical work of Ivan Hovorun, and the academic research which contributes so much to the richness of his performance. For instance, you can help by

  • making a financial donation

  • inviting Ivan Hovorun to perform at your venue or event

  • offering your professional or practical assistance, for example in the area of promotions and publicity

  • spreading the word online, or by word of mouth, or in your journal, magazine or newspaper

  • sponsoring Ivan Hovorun – please contact him directly to discuss sponsorship opportunities


To offer your patronage and support for Ivan Hovorun, please contact him directly: contact details are included below. Your generosity will help to fund and sustain the work of this remarkable musician.

  Thank you.
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