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Grainger: Transcriptions for Wind Orchestra /CHAN 10455/The Telegraph

Ukrainian pianist Ivan Hovorun is a stylish soloist in the Liszt. 

Matthew Rye.

Chopin Piano Concerto/Guernsey Camerata/Guernsey Press

Hovorun is clearly a Chopin aficionado, visibly entering into an intense relationship with the music from the moment he took his position on the stage.  Throughout the concerto Hovorun roused a distinct personality from the piano, from the sweeping romantic charm of Chopin’s characteristic phrases, to an utterly beguiling series of delicate, little trills lapping up against each other towards the end of the second movement.  

Hovorun and the Guernsey Camerata Orchestra’s performance served as a powerful reminder of the immediacy and compelling nature of live music, demonstrating that each performance is a unique moment of creation and interpretation.

Ed Jewell

Brahms Sonata/davidgreenbooks/blogspot

The advantages of live music were amply demonstrated by hearing it as clear, bell-like and resonant, with Ivan's expressive performance to see as well as hear in a clean, well-aired, bright summer place.

David Green

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